Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great Day for Nest Building

Lunch hour birding at Stockport Flatts; Checked out the old Eagle's nest on middle ground island, the pair was actively involved with the nest, couldn't tell if there are any eglets yet. Watched another eagle swoop down to get some twigs to bring to a new nests. Tide was out and you could easily see why it's called the Flatts. A lone male Wood Duck was swimming in the creek.
On my way home stopped by the towers in Athens to check on the Heron nests, two active nests with bird coming and going with building material. On the old black tower is an active Osprey nest, both birds seen on or near the nest.

Eagles - 3
Great Blue Heron - 4
Osprey - 2
Wood Duck - 1
Redwing Black Birds - Many
Downey Woodpecker - 1
Woodchuck - 1

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